Halloween Safety Checklist

Halloween is around the corner, are you ready for the holiday? Costumes and candy are what the holiday is all about, but you may want to keep a few things in mind to keep the ghoulish festivities from turning into a real nightmare.

  1. Watch out for trick-or-treaters while you are driving tonight. Swerving to avoid all the people running around on the streets and neighborhoods is a real concern. Make sure that you slow down and be prepared to slam on the brakes if someone jumps into the road.
  2. Kids and their parents will be running around all night, but you could be held liable if someone hurts themselves on your property. Your home policy includes coverage for people hurt on your property under the liability section, but keeping pathways well lit can avoid these type of claims.
  3. Treats are a big part of Halloween, and so are tricks. If you are the victim of some holiday pranks, then rely on your home and car policies to clean up the vandalism.
  4. Everyone loves spooky candles and lighting for decorations, but these can pose serious fire hazards. Be careful around lit decorations and keep a fire extinguisher close at hand in the event that something catches fire.
  5. Some decorations can be expensive and, therefore, a target for thieves. All the commotion around the holiday can be an invitation to burglars, so make sure your belongings are adequately covered from theft.

Here is our holiday checklist to keep you safe this October 31st:

  • Can you and your child be seen at night? Dark costumes can be extra spooky, but having a reflective candy bag or a bright portion of your costume can help ensure that drivers can see you.
  • Set up a trick or treating group. Candy collection is more fun and safer in numbers. Keeping groups together makes sure no one gets hurt or lost during a night of festivities.
  • Watch out for open flames. Costumes often have long droopy sleeves, capes, wings, or other accessories that you may not notice are getting too close to an open flame. Flame retardant costumes are ideal, but always be aware of your outfit.
  • If you plan on giving out candy, set up a clear path from the street to your door. Setting up luminaries from your driveway to your doorstep will keep people from tripping over roots or unseen stairs as they make their way up to your house.
  • Hem your costumes. Costumes rarely fit perfectly, so be sure that they do not drag on the ground where they can cause you to trip or get caught on a root or decoration.
  • Keep a flashlight in your candy bag. Sticking to well-lit streets is a good practice, but some driveways can be dark. Having a flashlight with you can keep you from running into other people and unseen obstacles.
  • If you are not planning on giving out treats, make sure that your front light is off for the night (the universal “no candy here sign”), but that there is some light on in the house to show that it is occupied. This will keep thieves from thinking that the house is vacant and ready for a break-in.

Enjoy the night of fun and mischief and be sure to collect lots of goodies! Keep our tips in mind as you prepare so that your holiday is a safe and enjoyable one.

Happy Halloween!



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